Adventist Medical Center has several unique features.

Open on Sunday
Sunday Practice
Since our establishment, we are regularly open on Sundays.
English available
We have many English speaking doctors , nurses and other staffs.
Receipts in English are also available for foreigners.
U.S. Consulate designated screening facility
We are one of the four U.S. Consulate designated screening facilities in Japan.
Many diseases can be prevented by vaccinations.
Even if you get sick, it may not be serious if you get your shots.
We offer vaccinations for those are considering who study and travel abroad.
Vegetarian diet
Vegetarian diet
Vegetarian diet is now popular in Europe and US as healthier life style.
In accordance with Seventh Day Adventist’s teaching, we recommend a vegetarian diet.
At AMC, we offer ovo-lacto vegetarian diet which includes both eggs and daily products.
It may be a good opportunity to review your daily diet.
Non Smoking workshop
Non Smoking workshop
In 1974, AMC was the first hospital in Okinawa which proposed smoking cessation for health. It was unique at the time, though we all know how that smoking is harmful.
The workshop continues till today, mainly focused on teen agers.
There is an outpatient clinic also.
Hospice volunteer
Hospice volunteers play an integralred in the care of patients on the hospice ward.
In order to be a hospice volunteer, you will need to complete a four-part training program where you will learn about key concepts of end of life care for hospice patients. You will learn how to laugh and cry with patients.
Chaplain (Pastoral Care)
The Chaplain and his staff are here to help serve the spiritual needs of the patients and their families.
To serve your dental needs we provide highly qualified and experienced dentists and staffs. Whether your dental needs are a complete exam and cleaning, a full-mouth restoration, or anything in between, we promise to provide you with exceptional care as we enhance the natural beauty of your smile.
Wellness Center
Wellness Center
Wellness center offers an array of physical examinations such as annual and pre-employment/routine physicals along with gynecology check-ups, well baby program and mandatory civilian physical examinations to keep local and foreigners healthy and fit.
Various immunizations are also offered for VISA applicants and students wishing to study abroad.